You have probably stumbled across this brow lamination before and after and thought it looked amazing, right? Or I wonder how long a brow lamination lasts? What’s the aftercare for a brow lamination? Well, let’s slow down here for a second and… 

Firstly, what is the brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent treatment designed to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows by setting them in a desired shape. This process involves the use of a chemical solution that breaks down the disulphide bonds in the hair and then restructures them to the desired shape. 

It is an amazing treatment when done correctly and when we educate our clients on what they should and should not be doing afterwards. In my experience, this education step is the difference between having a long-term client who loves their brows and who will still be getting their brows laminated on their deathbed to someone who is a little put off by their experience and wondering why their brows are a little crunchy and not sitting how they like 😂

Brow lamination aftercare 

Use Aftercare Serum.

Step 1: Get Your Hands on Some Aftercare Serum: This is a big one! You wouldn’t believe how many clients I’ve heard from who left other salons post-lamination without a clue about hydration. Let me break it down for you in simple terms (because who needs complex chemistry lessons?). You can’t just slap on any old moisturizer or castor oil and call it a day—let me explain why. 

When we work our magic with lamination, we’re essentially opening up the hair cuticle and rearranging those bonds. It’s a chemical dance that results in the loss of water (H2O) from your hairs. But fear not! With the proper aftercare, we can rehydrate those brows to avoid those crunchy feeling brows. So, why can’t we just slather on some hydrating goodness to replenish those thirsty hairs? 

Here’s the tea: we need a hydrating serum with teeny-tiny molecules that can actually penetrate those brow hairs. And I’m not talking about just a one-time thing; I’m talking at least once a day for a week post-lamination. 

Now, here’s where things get sticky. If you reach for that trusty ol’ castor oil, think again. Its molecules are too big to do any real hydrating, and it ends up forming a barrier that blocks any hydration from getting in. This is why I recommend sending clients home with a step 3 nourishing treatment. I’ll link the one I love…

Avoid Getting Your Brows Wet.

Step 2: Avoid Getting Your Brows Wet: For the first 24-48 hours following your treatment, avoid getting your brows wet. This includes avoiding steam, saunas, swimming, and heavy sweating.

Avoid using chemical cleansers or peels.

Step 3: Avoid using chemical cleansers or peels around the brows. This can further dry out the brows post-lamination.

Wet and Reset.

Step 4: Wet and Reset: After the first 24 hours have passed, in the morning, when styling your brows, wet them and use a clean spoolie brush to gently brush them into your desired shape each morning. This helps maintain the sleek, groomed look achieved through lamination.

Schedule Touch-Ups.

Step 5: Schedule Touch-Ups: Brow lamination typically lasts 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle. Schedule touch-up appointments as needed to keep your brows looking their best. In this appointment, I’ll do a tint or dye, then a treatment for hydration (I’ll link my favorite treatment below) I usually leave this on between 5-10 mins, wax, and style.

Use a Brow Gel.

Step 6: Use a Brow Gel when Your Brows are at the End Stages: With the brow lamination, that hair is laminated till it falls out. For most people, their brow cycle is about 6-14 weeks. This means when your lamination is 70-80% grown out, you’re going to really miss how easy it is just to brush your brows into position. But it’s still a little soon to rebook your next appointment. Realistically, we want your brows to be about 90-100% fully grown out before we laminate again. Just so we are not processing already processed hair. This is why I recommend a gel in between appointments. I will also link my all-time favourite gel here.