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Miss eyelash is for the professional women, the ambitious women, the mums on the go, who are looking for a “wake up beautiful” natural, low maintenance eyelashe extensions and brows.
It’s for these amazing women to take a moment for themselves.
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Meet the new owner of Miss Eyelash

My introduction to Miss Eyelash was actually an advert for advanced training in eyelash extensions and brows. At this time I had been in the lash industry for over five years, and I was about to start my final year for my bachelor degree in exercise and sport science at Deakin Uni, yes I know polar opposite passions. 

I have never shied away from upskilling and learning more about the beauty industry as it is ever-changing and evolving. I continue to collaborate with Rebecca the owner of Rok & Rose in Chapel St, and practice some of her exquisite brow techniques.

The training took place in a Miss Eyelash salon and was taken by Emma Vosti herself. I was impressed with the beautiful salon and Emma’s vision for low maintenance, natural lashes. While chatting over coffee I realised that this was going to be more than just a two-day training course for me. 

I loved the way Emma spoke about lash extensions and that they are an enhancement rather than a transformation. This really resonated with me, as I had been falling out of love with my craft as I felt my clientele were demanding a more “glam transformation”. This wasn’t a look that I personally love.

I found that Emma and I had very similar views on beauty, but interestingly our similarities didn’t stop there. We later found out that we shared that same star sign which totally explains our eye for detail, love of consistency and ambitious nature.

This is where my Miss Eyelash AMBASSADOR role started. I had worked as Melbourne’s number one Miss Eyelash brand Ambassador for over a year before the opportunity to take over the business came up.

In this time, with Emma’s help, I set up in two locations applying the Miss Eyelash unique lash formula to hundreds of clients. We also started offering one of my favourite beauty trends, brow laminations. I have so much love and passion for everything Miss Eyelash stands for. 

Where do I see Miss Eyelash going in the future? First of all I want to nurture the Miss Eyelash brand that Emma put so much into. In time I will be searching out like-minded artists who I will personally train, as Emma did for me, to preserve the very special experience that Miss Eyelash is renowned for.

But most of all I want to continue to provide the impossibly natural, low maintenance eyelash extensions and brows to all of you beautiful clients, both current and new.

Tash xx  

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