Impossibly natural and low maintenance eyelash extensions and brows.

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Impossibly natural and low maintenance
eyelash extensions and brows.

Miss Eyelash is for ambitious women who are looking for a “wake up beautiful”, natural, and low maintenance eyelash extensions and brows.
It’s time to take a moment for yourself and rediscover your unique features that make you who you are.
Our lash and brow specialists will work with you to enhance your already natural beauty and create the look you’re after.

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"When you leave Miss Eyelash, I want you to feel confident and content".

When you leave Miss Eyelash, I want you to feel confident and content. The best compliment to me is always “You look amazing, but I can’t tell what’s different.”

We work with my clients to enhance their natural features and create a look that lasts, and that requires as minimal upkeep as possible.

Hair health is always at the forefront of my mind when it comes to lashes and brows, ensuring that we are not causing damage and working with the client to get the best results.

Throughout my career I have worked with clients who live with hair loss, unsymmetrical shaping or may have overplucked their brows in the 90s. I specialise in natural brow restoration, working with my clients to regrow their brows.

I love doing all treatments from lash extensions and lash lifts to brow shaping, dyeing and lamination.

For me, my favourite looks are the lash lift and brow dye in-shape because they’re low maintenance and super natural.

Where do I see Miss Eyelash going in the future?

I want to continue to nurture the brand as I always have, continue to upskill and build on my knowledge. The beauty industry is constantly growing and changing, with new technology and techniques coming out every day. I love learning and will forever want to stay at the forefront of this industry.

But most of all, I want to continue providing impossibly natural, low-maintenance eyelashes and brows to all of you, my beautiful clients, both current and new.

Meet the owner

My name is Tash, and I have been in the lash and brow game for almost nine years.

I fell in love with the industry when I created connections with my clients and saw their ‘wow’ moments after a service was completed.

I was introduced to Miss Eyelash through an advert for Advanced Training in Eyelash Extensions and Brows in 2018. At the time, I had been in the lash industry for over five years, and I was about to start my final year for my bachelor’sdegree in Exercise and Sport Science – Yes, I know, polar opposite passions.

During my training, I was taken by then-owner Emma Vosti. I aligned with her vision for low maintenance, natural lashes and loved the way she spoke about lash extensions as an enhancement rather than a transformation. While chatting over coffee I realised this was going to be more than just a two-day training course for me.

I worked with Emma at the Miss Eyelash salon for about a year before the opportunity to take over the business came up in 2020.

Thanks to a little bump in the road called Covid, I have adapted and transformed the salon. Over the past few years, I have set up shop in two locations, applying the Miss Eyelash unique lash formula to hundreds of clients and I incorporated one of my favourite beauty trends, brow laminations, into the menu.

I have so much love and passion for everything Miss Eyelash stands for.
Tash xx

Eyelash Extensions and Brows - Melbourne - Natural and low maintenance.