Miss Eyelash Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination - How It Works.


Miss Eyelash Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a cosmetic procedure that involves straightening and setting the eyebrows in a desired shape, filling gaps, creating symmetry, and giving them a fuller, fluffier appearance.

The process uses a combination of products and techniques to temporarily alter the structure of the brow hairs, providing a more polished and defined look. Here’s a closer look at the science behind brow lamination and how it works.

  • The Chemical Process

    The process of brow lamination involves the use of chemical products, including a perm solution and a neutralizer. The perm solution is designed to break down the bonds in the hair, making it easier to shape and manipulate. The neutralizer stops this process and set the hair in its new shape.

  • Shaping and Setting

    Once the perm solution has been applied, the brows are molded into the desired shape using a small brow comb. The neutralizer is then applied to set the brows in place. This process helps to tame unruly hairs, reshape the brows  and give the brows a more polished and defined appearance.

  • Lasting Results

    The results of a brow lamination procedure can last for 6-12 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of the brow hairs. The process can help to tame unruly hairs, fill gaps in the brows and give the brows a fuller, fluffier appearance. It’s important to keep the brows clean and moisturized to help maintain the results of the procedure and prevent any damage to the hair.

  • The Miss Eyelash approach:

    At Miss Eyelash, we do this process a little differently. We have actually added a step in between step one, the perm solution and step two, the neutralizer. This step is a deep conditioner. Because it is applied after step one, the hair follicle bonds are still broken, leaving the hair more exposed, allowing the conditioning treatment to permeate deeper into the strand.
    The neutraliser is then applied to finish off the lamination process. By adding in the extra step, we are caring for the integrity of your brow hairs, and it leaves you with a softer feeling brow. For more information on Miss Eyelash’s Brow laminations, click here.

In conclusion, Brow Lamination is a cosmetic procedure that uses a combination of chemical products and techniques to temporarily alter the structure of the brow hairs, that involves straightening and setting the eyebrows in a desired shape, filling gaps, creating symmetry, giving them a fuller, fluffier appearance. The process involves breaking down the bonds in the hair, shaping and setting the hair, and restoring the bonds with a neutralizer.


What we consider beautiful seems to be a lot about symmetry. Studies reveal that what we subconsciously find attractive is a face where the features seem equal and identical in terms of shape and size. One of the easiest ways to achieve symmetry in the face is through brows.


Move over Microblading, & say hello to the latest brow treatment that has taken over instagram: Brow Lamination.

The secret to achieve a perfect full natural brow is now out of the bag! Professional makeup artists have been rolling out the brushed up brow for a while now, as a full natural brow can not only frame the face but also gives a more youthful appearance.

Don’t be confused with the multitude of brow terms that you will come across, while this brow movement takes over, they all refer to the same treatment: Brow Lamination. 

Otherwise known as: 

✔️ Keratin Brows 

✔️ Brow Lift 

✔️ Brow Fusion 

✔️ Keratin Brow Infusion 

✔️ Brushed Up Brow


Here are a few things you need to know about Brow Lamination.


1. What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a non invasive method of achieving a full natural brow that lasts up to 6-8 weeks, by repositioning the natural brow hairs, to fill in gaps, increase the thickness of a brow or heighten the arch.

2. How does Brow Lamination compare to Microblading or Brow Tattooing?

Unlike Microblading, where the skin on your brow is cut, & pigment is deposited to mimic the appearance of a brow hair, Brow Lamination uses the natural hair that already exists on your brow.

Where the cost of Microblading ranges from $450 & upwards to $1500, Brow Lamination is nearly an eighth of the cost.

There is no healing time needed with Brow Lamination. The healing time for Microblading begins after 7-14 days with total healing upwards to 2 months!

The procedure time of Microblabing Vs Brow Lamination is also at opposite ends of the spectrum, with Microblading spanning close to 6-7hrs over 2 separate appointments within a 6 week period. By comparison, Brow Lamination is a relaxed 60 minute treatment.


3. Who can have Brow Lamination?  

Anyone who has brow hair! Either a little or alot, the benefits of a full natural brow can still be achieved with Brow Lamination.

If you have gaps in your brow, this treatment is great to reposition your brow hair to fill in the gaps.

If you have thin, over plucked brows, this treatment will redirect your brow hair to thicken the appearance of your brow.

If you have unruly brows with hairs heading in all different directions, this treatment will tame the hairs into a more uniform direction.

Unfortunately, for those who have lost their brow hair through medical treatments such as chemotherapy, Brow Lamination is not a viable treatment option.


4. How long does Brow Lamination last?

Brow Lamination can last up to 6-8 weeks. Regular brow tinting or henna can still be applied within this time.


5. What is the process of Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a 3 part process: Lift, Fix, Nourish.

The first step of applying a fixing serum, is designed to breaks down the bonds in the hair allowing us to redirect the hair into a new position (to either cover gaps, raise the arch or increase thickness of the brow).

The second step neutralises or gently fixes the bonds in the hair in order for it to take on the new shape.

The third step nourishes the hair to restore moisture, increasing the volume of the hair.


A tint & a light tidy with tweezers is also included in the treatment.

A professional brow shape can also be incorporated into this treatment by booking a Brow Maintenance, which includes additional tweezing to shape & wax to tidy the brow.


6. How does Brow Lamination give you thicker brows?

A thicker brow can be achieved by simply redirecting or repositioning the brow hair & setting it in place.


7. What qualifications are required by artists offering Brow Lamination?

As the beauty industry as a whole in Australia is terribly unregulated, the training for Brow Lamination that currently exists for artists in Australia, is generally in the form of a Certificate of Attendance issued by independent beauty distributors or independent artists sharing their knowledge.  Online webinars & a plethora of YouTube tutorials also saturate the online learning space.


8. How does the training at Miss Eyelash differ to what is offered in the current Australian beauty landscape?

Miss Eyelash has long been about naturally enhancing your best asset: your eye’s.

Over a period of a decade, we have not only been exposed to the latest global trends, but we have had the great pleasure of applying these to practice with consistent results across multiple venues, through the hands of our talented artists.

Building ongoing relationships with our global industry partners, also ensure the protocols we set for treatments are met at the highest level.

We are also not strangers to the eyebrow world here at Miss Eyelash, having been urban listed in 2015 as one of the top 3 destinations to have your brows professionally shaped in Melbourne, in addition to rave reviews by long standing clients who know brows such as Sarah-Jane Young @sheis_sarahjane

To feature Brow Lamination within our carefully curated offerings of lash & brow treatments, almost seemed like a rite of passage!

9. How much does Brow Lamination cost?


Brow Lamination: includes lamination treatment, tinting & brow tidy (tweezing stray hairs only) $140 |60 mins

Special Offer: $120 (valid 30th November 2019)

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10. Do you have any special offers or Brow Lamination packages?

As we officially launch on Friday 1st November, we are offering the following combination packages for the whole month of November 2019:

Combination Brow Lamination & Brow Shape: includes lamination treatment, tinting, shaping (tweezing & waxing) $170| 90 mins

Special Offer: $150 (valid 30th November 2019)

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Combination Brow Lamination & Lash Lift: Includes lamination treatment & lash lift treatment (with lash & brow tint) $290 | 105 mins

Special Offer: $240 (valid 30th November 2019)

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And as with any industry, there will always be providers with questionable training, giving the industry a bad reputation. Share this article on your lash & brow pages, or have a copy in your beauty lounge for when you get grilled with questions!

Love & long lashes (& full brows!),

Emma Vosti


After many years building a brand that has become the eyelash destination of choice, Emma Vosti remains at the forefront of the industry, training the next generation of elite eyelash artists.

It’s important to Emma that the record is set straight on the top myths in the Eyelash extension industry. As both lash artist and potential customer, these myths can make you very nervous but here’s what Emma has to say to bust these myths wide open!


  1. My eyelash extension is causing an allergic reaction.

Truth is that a very small percentage of clients can develop sensitivities to products used during the eyelash extension procedure. In the most severe cases, this will present as swelling.

Reactions/Irritations/Sensitivities are possible with any beauty procedure you can imagine: manicures (nail polish), facials (natural ingredients that can cause reactions), hair treatments (perm solutions and hair colour reactions), makeup services (cosmetic ingredients you are applying to skin) etc.

So the reality and important point is that eyelash extensions, when done properly do NOT touch the skin. The culprit is more likely to be an ingredient actually touching the skin (such as: latex tape. gel pads, or cleansers during a lash application). Because the skin under our eyes is the thinnest skin on the human body it is most susceptible to become irritated.

Irritations we see as Lash Artists are often times too quickly passed off as allergies, and could also be irritations, or possibly even infections from improper home care.


2. Lash adhesive contains Formaldehyde.  

Well that’s an easy one. It’s simply not true.

Formaldehyde is NOT contained in lash adhesives. It is a dry gas so it cannot be added as an ingredient. Formaldehyde however, can be released by Lash adhesives as a by-product of product breakdown – but it would need to be MONTHS of breakdown on the natural lashes to cause any effect. Lash technicians know the maximum an extension will be on the natural lashes will be 60-75 days (the total lifespan in the growth cycle).

Here’s a bit of a chemical lesson – Formaldehyde is a dry gas. As such, it has never ever been a cosmetic ingredient but it is a 100% naturally occurring substance. In fact we exhale formaldehyde. It is contained in organically grown food. Our bodies make formaldehyde and it is used to create proteins and other substances in our bodies. With this said, we can be exposed to minimal amounts as a by product of adhesive breakdown but the amount we are exposed to in a lash procedure is extremely low.


3. Continued lash extensions will lead to brittle and/or sparse natural eyelashes

Here’s the truth: Improperly applied lash extensions will cause damage and unfortunately there are a lot of women that come to Miss Eyelash with badly applied extensions.

When lashes are done properly, extensions actually can assist natural lashes to be stronger and healthier than before.

Let’s run through a daily routine without extensions:

First you use a lash curler to pull and tug your natural lashes upwards to get them lifted! This causes follicle stress, and can actually pull lashes out.

Then you coat your lashes in mascara (which often times is full of bacteria from applying to your lashes, and putting the brush back in the bottle daily for months at a time). Said mascara in on for the rest of the day (and re-applied sometimes). The result is usually natural lashes that are usually clumped and stuck together.

At the end of the night, cleansing involves scrubbing the lashes harshly to get off the mascara from the day often times causing more shedding.
-OR worse: Leaving mascara on while you sleep causing the natural lashes to be clumped, which can affect the growth cycle.

Now let’s compare this to properly applied eyelash extensions:

On average, a natural eyelash has a lifespan of 60 to 75 days before shedding. Because no two lashes are at the same stage of growth when the extensions are applied, it’s normal to lose up to three lashes each day. This occurs whether or not you have extensions.
Each time you lose a natural lash, a new lash grows in behind it.
When applied in healthy lengths and diameters, lash extensions do not pull out natural eyelashes. Instead, they are attached to the natural lash and shed out throughout the growth cycle.

When you are wearing lash extensions, there is no need to tug on them with a lash curler, or scrub the daylights out of. You have curly, black, full lashes 24/7 because of the lash extensions.

My best advice is to listen to your lash artists. If they are telling you that your natural lashes cannot maintain a certain lash look, take their word for it. The sad fact is that you WILL be able to find a lash provider that will give you the look you want and will not care about your lash health – but you will end up with damaged lashes. It’s always best to find a Miss Eyelash Licenced agent who holds up safety and OH&S as priority.


4. Lash Extensions cause bacterial and fungal infections?

Washing your eyes and face is part of our daily routine but often though, after eyelash extensions, some clients become too scared to touch their extensions as they want them to last as long as possible.

The bottom line is once you have eyelash extensions, washing your eye area is more important than ever. This not only keeps your lash extensions lasting longer by keeping natural oils off of the bonds (an enemy of eyelash adhesive), but it also ensures your eyes stay happy and healthy while you have extensions on. Once extensions are applied, bacteria has more room to breed and party on – and it’s the extension wearers responsibility to take proper care of the extensions at home on a daily basis.

Lash Extensions don’t cause bacterial infections, but improper home care does.

In summary, there are risks with any cosmetic procedure, and we, as lash artists, are lucky to have an incredibly small percentage of clients become intolerant to extensions. If your client is ever starting to experience any itchiness, redness, or swelling after their lash application – be very cautious proceeding.

And as with any industry, there are providers with improper training giving the industry a bad reputation. Share this article on your lash pages, or have a copy in your lounge for when you get grilled with questions!

xo Emma


Ladies, I’m about to become your best friend. Or, Miss Eyelash is at any rate. I have forever lamented my pathetic inability to grow lashes (whilst simultaneously having no trouble growing leg hair, go figure) but have been very reluctant to dabble in the fine art of eyelash extensions because of all those twenty-something reality TV stars that look like they’re using tarantulas as eyepatches. But I’m here to tell you, lashes are the new boobs; not since I was a flat chested teenager have I been so obsessed with having a bigger, better pair. Miss Eyelash is what I like to elegantly call, the shiz. Specialising in natural looking lashes, you don’t walk out looking like a spidery lashed Bachelor contestant with eyeball verandas; instead you’re a subtly enhanced, school pick-up approved, fuller lashed version of yourself with a little bit of je ne sais quois. Exactly the look I was after.


By Sonia Bavistock @soniastyling


All about eyelash extensions

They say there’s a first time for everything and I experienced this for myself recently.

With eyelash extensions.

Why now? Well, I’d always wanted to try them, but I’d never discovered anyone who did beautiful, natural looking lashes. And I just didn’t want to look like an off duty drag queen!

Then I connected with Emma from Miss Eyelash.

We were introduced by a mutual friend after Emma relocated from her hometown of Melbourne to my hometown of Adelaide. We immediately hit it off over coffee (I loved her no-BS attitude to beauty) and I was finally convinced.

I booked in for my very first appointment to have a Premium Classic Full Set applied (at Emma’s recommendation) and I’ve since had a refill appointment, so I thought it was timely to report back and to answer all of the questions you had for me.

Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t test on animals, I test on myself.

Ready? Set. Flutter!

Before eyelash extensions:

Who is Miss Eyelash?

Miss Eyelash is Emma Vosti – the brains behind this beauty brand.

Emma’s story spans the past decade in the eyelash industry in Melbourne and has always been a standout of excellence to her craft.

Her unique attention to detail makes Miss Eyelash the destination for women to enjoy a guaranteed style of quality eyelash extensions.

What did I have done?

I had the Premium Classic Full Set applied (80 lash extensions per eye) and as you can see from the results, they look just like my lashes just a little fuller and more fabulous.

How do you prepare for your first appointment?

Make sure that you aren’t wearing any eye makeup – including mascara. ESPECIALLY mascara. I made this mistake. I was in a hurry and didn’t remove all of my mascara properly.

Emma cleanses the eyelid and lashes with a saline solution at the start of the appointment, but to really maximise your results and minimize your time at your appointment, you should make sure that your eyes are completely clean of any makeup.

How long does the first appointment take?

About 1-1.5 hours, depending on how many lash extensions you have applied.

Emma has this down to a fine art and understands we’re all busy women who have so much to do and can’t afford to lose too much of our day.

Having said this, apparently, 4 out of 5 women fall asleep during their appointment, so it goes to show – we appreciate the break!

(I didn’t fall asleep. I’m too much of a chatterbox!)

How do you take care of them?

There are 3 golden rules:

  1. Do not wet your extensions for the first 24 hours.
  2. Do not use any oil based products on your lashes.
  3. Avoid rubbing and touching your lashes at all times.

Rule number 3? Yeah, I kinda accidentally broke that after my first appointment.

I had a bad dream and in my half-asleep-haze, furiously rubbed my right eye. Safe to say, when I got up in the morning and looked in the mirror, I’d managed to lose a few extensions.

It didn’t look terrible, but I could see a few gaps, which is why I booked in for my refill appointment 3.5 weeks after my first. I could have gone longer than that had I not had my unfortunate little mishap.

Do you wear mascara afterward?

No! And there’s really no need to – that’s the whole point of having eyelash extensions.

I just put a little bit of mascara on my bottom lashes as they always need a bit of oomph.

How often do you have to have refills?

It depends on the set that you have applied, your personal preference, lifestyle and budget… but! … with the Premium Classic Full Set, based on a general pattern of loss, Emma recommends a 45-minute appointment about every 3 weeks.

How long do refills take?

Refills start from 30 minutes, depending again, on how many extensions you want applied.

How much does it cost?

Emma is kindly offering all Sonia Styling gals a Premium Classic Full Set – the same set I have – at a special price of $99 (normally $195) until 30 September 2018.

This must be booked online (look for ‘Premium Sonia Styling’ when booking).

Do I have to have them done all the time?

No way, lady!

You might like to just have them done for a one-off special occasion such as a birthday or a holiday. Or, you might have them for a season (spring or summer). Or, you might have them done for a while and then stop for any reason.

Emma is a big believer in only doing what suits your lifestyle and budget. Wise advice. Though be warned – they’re addictive!

Do they make your natural lashes fall out?

Nope! Your lashes will still continue to do their normal thing (which is: grow and fall out), regardless of whether they have an extension applied.

Emma confirms as a fact, that when clients are seen at a refill appointment, they present with random natural lashes that have a regrowth anywhere between 2-4mm! No different to your hair and nails.

Can you have extensions while pregnant?

Absolutely! It’s definitely possible and safe to do so.

Although you have to ideally lie on your back during the process, so long as your head is positioned flat, you can manoeuvre the rest of your body and bump in whatever position is most comfortable for you (and bub).

What happens if I have a reaction?

A reaction – otherwise known as a heightened immune response – will be alleviated by the immediate removal of the extensions.

So the first step is to have the extensions professionally removed. The second is to see your doctor for any necessary treatment required.

Where can I book in with Miss Eyelash?

Adelaide – The Marina at Glenelg, and MediPedi Nail Spa at Norwood

Melbourne – AB Hair & Makeup in Albert Park, and Wilo Beauty in Mt Eliza

Book online here.

Now, what was that Sonia Styling special you mentioned?

Oh yes!

Book in for a Premium Classic Full Set – the same set I have – at a special price of $99 (normally $195) until 30 September 2018.

This must be booked online (look for ‘Premium Sonia Styling’ when booking).

After eyelash extensions:

Connect with Miss Eyelash on Instagram and Facebook


By Sarah Jane Young @sheissarahjane


Have you even really lived if you haven’t rocked the over-plucked brow thing? Don’t answer that, I already know the answer – NO. I wear my Bad Brow Badge proudly, and carried this right through from about 2003 – 2012. To this day I look back at my wedding photos from 2011 and shake my head with confusion. Alas, I came out the other side without any serious or lasting damage (I think…). Today on the blog I am sharing the brow love for a few ladies who I think are hands down, THE BEST IN THE BIZZ. 

MY REGULAR TREATMENTS: If you haven’t already noticed (unlikely), I LOVE a bold brow. I love it so much that I now tint my own brows at home on a weekly basis. I am naturally very fair, so there’s a bit of up-keep involved – but hey, that’s the price you pay when you don’t wake-up with brows like Rachael Taylor or Amber Heard. I also get a regular wax/shape, eyelash extensions and an eyelash tint. Phoar, it’s amazing I have any time to do anything else! However, these are all beauty non-negotiables for me, so let’s just get on with it! Below I’ve shared my three faves and who I believe to be THE BEST IN THE BROW & EYE BEAUTY BIZZ >

T H E  B R O W  &  E Y E  Q U E E N S  >

MISS EYELASH: I have been seeing Emma Vosti (owner & director) from Miss Eyelash for almost four years now and I am HOOKED. I see Em every three weeks for a re-fill and let me tell you, when I walk out of there with a new set of lashes I am truly LOVING LIFE, and myself! For all the up-keep that I require to look the way I want to, I am actually a lazy old so-and-so on the inside and it can be draining at times, but oh well! I’m not going to sugar coat this and it may sound a little harsh (but I know you are all thinking it!), there are some BAAAAAD eyelash extensions out there roaming the streets – in Melbourne, anyway. Each to their own of course, but there’s nothing worse than dead looking spiders hanging off your eyelids – #JUSTSAYIN. Em and her team specialise in NATURAL looking extensions and hybrid combinations that work for YOUR eyes and YOUR face. I would also like to add I pay for ALL my treatments and this is not a paid ad, I just love sending some love in the directions of those who deserveit. Miss Eyelash also offer brown maintenance services, including tinting { Miss Eyelash operates out of Albert Park, Elwood & Mt Eliza – for all contact details CLICK HERE } 

AMY JEAN EYE COUTURE: I met Amy Jean (Amy Jean Eye Couture) about four years ago and there’s no other way to put it, we fell in love! Brow love, friend love, sister love. It’s no biggie or anything, but Vogue magazine refer to AJ as the “Arch Angel”, so anything I say from here really fails in comparison. AJ took my brows to a new level and together we created (what I think!) are the perfectly shaped brows for MY face. When AJ is in Melbourne at her East Melbourne studio we always catch-up for dinner, a great goss and some brow love. Earlier this year I had the Feather Touch – Brow Tattoo procedure. It truly made such a difference in the depth of colour, the shape and actually decreased the amount of time that I spent each morning colouring in my brows. I still need to regularly tint my brows as they grow, but this is a MUST if you love a defined brow and it’s 100% worth every cent. AJ also offers lash lifts, extensions and brow/eye maintenance.

SKIN ANGEL: I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Angelina (owner & director) from Skin Angel is a real-life ANGEL. She is the sweetest, craziest, happiest force of nature I have ever met. She’s also ridiculously talented and her knowledge of skin and beauty health is unrivalled. I have been seeing Ange for well over eight years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I see Ange for the occasional brow tint, she also shapes my brows, tints my lashes and looks after all my skin treatments. If you are Melbourne based, just go in and say hi – I promise you, you will NEVER LEAVE.

SJ x


By Frances van Eeden @fashion_weekly_mag


Miss Eyelash has become a familiar name amongst Melbourne women as one of the city's premier destinations for specialist beauty treatments.

Having built a strong industry respected eyelash extension company, now in their 7th year, Miss Eyelash is proud to offer a select menu of specialist treatments under four carefully curated beauty departments of eyelashes, eyebrows, makeup and skin.

Their dedicated skin department at Miss Eyelash has quickly gained an equal cult following, and, as winter zaps the life out of our skin, particular attention is now on their new DermaFrac™ treatments, offering maximum results with minimum downtime.

DermaFrac™ is a breakthrough dermal micro-channeling system, which offers simultaneous delivery of infused ingredients in a pain-free, no downtime treatment! The optimal absorption of serums stimulates a positive natural response by the body while delivering a gentle healthy change to the way your skin looks and feels. It is safe for many skin types and has shown to significantly improve conditions such as stretch marks, skin hydration, superficial lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots and uneven skin tones. The required number of treatments will vary, but typically, DermaFrac™ is administered in six treatments every two weeks followed by maintenance visits every one to two months.

Miss Eyelash epitomises style, sophistication and class and this certainly reflects the look that Emma and her team are able to create for you across all treatments.


By Simone Ziazaris @theagephoto


Feature Article - Forever Young

Eyebrows & lashes go through fashions, & today's look is full & luxuriant. Simone Ziazaris seeks some expert advice.

Eyes define the decades. Think of the pencil-thin arch of Greta Garbo's eyebrows in the 1930's or, a couple of decades later, Elizabeth Taylor's far more empathetic brows & eyeliner.

Slender, plucked eyebrow arches were again the rage two decades ago: Pamela Anderson & Drew Barrymore flaunted the manicured look. Today full lashes & untamed brows are back in vogue.


By Emily Crawford @whyhellobeauty


Miss Eyelash are the premier lash destination in Australia and I am in awe of their work. Eyelash extensions are such a gorgeous luxurious beauty treatment that completely adds that extra touch of glam to anyone, but is it safe having that glue around your eyes for 2+ weeks, longer if you have infills?

So, to ease my initial concerns around eyelash extensions I had, I reached out to the beautiful Emma Vosti at Miss Eyelash for the down low on eyelash extensions!

Hi Emma, please explain to us the Eyelash Extension process? Hi Emily! There are currently 2 types of Eyelash Extensions classification: Classic & Volume. Classic Eyelash Extensions by pure definition involve the application of one single extension to one single natural eyelash. Volume Eyelash Extensions (often referred to as Russian Lashes or 3D Lashes), involve the application of multiple ultra-fine extensions applied to the one natural eyelash. These extensions are still individual extensions that are picked up in bunches of 3-6 & manually ‘fanned’.Do not mistake Volume Lashes for Cluster Lashes. Cluster Lashes are similar to Strip or Faux Lashes that are applied with makeup for a one off occasion, & removed with makeup  at the end  of the night.

What are your eyelash extensions made from at Miss Eyelash? We use a premium synthetic extension for our Classic Sets & a Faux Mink for our Volume Sets. Both lashes have been globally sourced & developed under our professional brand Miss Eyelash PRO. It is important to be aware that all extensions used in the Australian market are synthetic, even the lashes that are referred to as Mink or Silk. When clients or technicians reference extensions as Mink or Silk, this refers to the diameter or thickness of the extension.

What type of adhering glue do you use at Miss Eyelash? Our adhesive or ‘bonding solution’, as we prefer to reference it, has also been formulated under or professional brand Miss Eyelash PRO. It has a superior bonding performance & is also free from Latex & Formaldehyde. When investigating brands & products used by individual technicians, it is more important to know how often the adhesive is being used. Many women are unaware that all adhesives only have a shelf life of 6-8 weeks before expiry. When an adhesive exceeds its shelf life, the likelihood of a compromised application increases.

How long can wearers expect lashes to last before requiring infills, Emma? Its simple math at Miss Eyelash: Based on an initial full set of 80 extensions per eye you can expect extensions to last up to 6 weeks. However, it is un realistic to expect that all 80 extensions will still all remain attached at 6 weeks as your own natural lashes will continue to grow & fall out natural, regardless of whether they have an extension attached. As a general pattern of fall out, you can expect up to 5 extensions fall out in the first week, 10-15 extensions fall out in the second week & another 10-15 extensions fall out in the third week. To maintain a consistent on-going look, we recommend refills every 3-4 weeks. At a refill appointment, you can expect all extensions with a lash regrowth to be removed & as many extensions added to achieve a total of 80 extensions per eye.

How much do the lashes cost? Our most popular full set that has been consistently recognised since 2009 is our Classic Full Set of 80 extensions per eye at $200. For clients wishing a slightly longer & fuller look, we recommend either our Classic Full Set of 100 extensions per eye at $240 or our Volume Full Set at $280.

Emma, is there any chance of allergic reaction happening from the glue used at all? Instances are rare where client have a reaction to the application of eyelash extensions in a controlled environment such as Miss Eyelash. The volumes of clients looked after in each of our locations with our core service of Eyelash Extensions guarantees the high turnover of product & therefore unlikely to experience a reaction to expired adhesive. However, a reaction cannot be isolated due to the  individual clients state of health or sensitivity to certain substances. Essentially, allergic reactions are heightened immune responses, which is an over reaction to usually benign or harmless substances such as pollen, dust, glue, grass & cat or dog fur. Histamine is released causing temporary swelling & redness. In these instances, it is important to always contact your eyelash technician & have your extensions removed.

What home-care instructions do you advise clients to follow? The three golden rules are not to wet the extensions for the first 24 hours, do not use any oil based products on your extensions & avoid rubbing or touching the extensions at all times. For those clients who exercise regularly, we recommend they cleanse their eyelids pre & post exercise to remove any oils.

What training is required for an eyelash technician at Miss Eyelash? I am proud to have assembled a team of leading professionals at Miss Eyelash who bring with them an elite level of training & industry certification. All our eyelash technicians are required to have a minimum Certificate IV Beauty Diploma or Makeup Artist certification, in addition to an independent certified Eyelash Extension course. I also require prospective staff to have worked for an independent company as an Eyelash Extension Technician for a minimum of 12 months. Each staff are then put through an intense 2 week Miss Eyelash Style & Design Training involving both practical & theory training. Not all who apply make the grade.

*Speaking of training, Emma has just released the Miss Eyelash Pro Training Program,  which covers a variety of options to learn the skills of applying eyelash extensions from an introductory session from $450 to a comprehensive curriculum which includes both Classic & Volume 3D application & design at $3900 over 4 days. Emma will be holding these training programs in both Melbourne (Elwood & Mt Eliza) & Adelaide (Glenelg), for both Group Training & One on One Training. The introductory session is redeemable on the Complete Comprehensive Training.

Miss Eyelash have two salons located within Victoria, Australia and contact details for each salon can be found at this link.

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