Eyelash Extensions – Miss Eyelash Review

Hey everyone, hope you’ve all been well! So about a week ago, I headed off to Elwood to meet Emma Vosti, the owner of Miss Eyelash and get eyelash extensions for the first time! I’m not sure whether I’m late on the whole eyelash extension bandwagon but I just never thought I needed them, I like my lashes and only reserved the odd faux lashes for events and parties.

Emma has been an extension expert for quite a while now and her passion for her service is amazing. Her eyelash knowledge is beyond and she’s more than happy to share with you all her advice and expertise to help you achieve your best lash look.

Here’s a look of Emma’s Elwood studio – it’s beautifully presented with lots of clean white and natural lighting, I was definitely impressed as it didn’t resemble anything like your typical ‘beauty salon’ (nothing about this experience resembled your typical beauty salon actually!

During the first 30 minutes of my consultation, Emma explained to me every detail under the sun about getting extensions, how she operates her services and what to expect from the experience. Unlike other beauticians, Emma specialises ONLY in eyelash extensions – her studio isn’t a multi service business. Any anxiety I initially had was immediately eased, Emma is an eyelash expert and I was definitely in good hands.

So after our chat, it was time to get the extensions! Emma removed my mascara, however I do recommend going in with no eye makeup or else it does affect the longevity of the treatment. Here are pictures of my lashes with no mascara on:

After removing my mascara, Emma applies gel pads underneath my lower lashes and literally tapes my eyes shut. It’s not as horrendous as it sounds, it didn’t hurt at all. My eyes were then closed for the next hour where Emma applied each individual contoured lash to my eyes. I couldn’t feel a thing until the very end when Emma removed the gel pad and tapes. Here’s the result:

The pictures speak for themselves! As you can tell, there’s a huge difference, basically an extra 70 lashes per eye (a typical salon would normally apply around 30-40 lashes)! I really loved how Emma shaped the lashes, they were tapered and so gradually longer towards the end to give that elongated cat eye look, which I love (that’s why I wear winged eyeliners).

The result was natural but still enhanced my eye and it’s shape. It was fun to see how much the extensions changed my look and how open they made my eyes appear!

The extensions are said to last around 3 weeks depending on how well you maintain and care for your lashes and also your lifestyle; exercise, sweat and using oil based products around the eyes reduces the longevity. In terms of damage, Emma assures me that extensions that are applied correctly and with quality glue basically don’t have a negative effect on your own lashes at all. This was reassuring as one of my initial hesitations was that extensions were really bad for your lashes in the long run, similar to the damage caused by extensions for your hair.

If you’re thinking about getting extensions for the first time, I would definitely recommend you to take that leap just so you can see how naturally amazing you look when your eyes look their best with minimal effort!

You can visit the Miss Eyelash website here to book online or alternatively give Tash a call at 0425 388 973

Let me know of your eyelash experience and where you go!