It’s a situation most women have found themselves in – you’ve got a million things to do, you’re running super low on time and in an effort to get out the door, your beauty routine falls victim.

Thankfully Urban Listers, you no longer have to condemn yourselves to a life of pasty faces and eyes that look half asleep. That’s right – we’ve done the digging on behalf of all you time-poor babes and found the ultimate beauty shortcut, aka eyelash extensions!

“But I thought extensions were just for fancy occasions?”; “Can’t I just apply false lashes?”; “Won’t I, ummm, resemble a drag queen?”

To answer your questions – no, no, and oh, hell no.

Spend just five minutes with Emma Vosti, the dame behind Miss Eyelash and the undisputed queen of eyelash extensions in Melbourne, and you’ll be convinced that it’s a super smart move to get lash extensions applied.

Working out of two light, bright and oh-so-chic Miss Eyelash salons in Elwood and Mt Eliza, Emma and her team are responsible for the best eyelash extensions in Melbourne. The secret? It’s all down to the exclusively designed formula, which helps to achieve a consistent and extremely natural look.

Also offered in the Miss Eyelash repertoire is the latest Lash Lift Perming technology along with Volume Lashes – an eyelash extension method of which there are only a few trained technicians across Australia. Oh yeah, eyelash extensions don’t just make you look and feel better, they also save you a heap of time in your beauty routine. (NB. You’ll spend less time doing your lashes, and more time batting them at handsome strangers).

Being the curious cats we are, we sat down with Emma to find out more about luscious lashes, why Miss Eyelash is known for the best eyelash extensions in Melbourne, and why they’re the beauty treatment everyone’s coveting in 2014. Cos if there’s one person who knows about eyelash extensions, Urban Listers, it’s Miss Eyelash!


1 – Rise and shine, Urban Listers! Thanks to eyelash extensions, you’ll be looking open-eyed, refreshed and so purdy from the minute you open your peepers in the morning. Yup, you can now start saying to people “Oh I just woke up like this!”

2 – Forget spending time on eye makeup – eyelash extensions mean you need minimal, if any, makeup applied. Sweeeet!

3 – Get ready to toss the mascara and the eyelash curler. Getting eyelash extensions applied means you can skip these steps in the morning. Probably a good thing because if you’re anything like me, you somehow end up pulling lashes out and have mascara smeared across your lids.

4 – Low-key lasses, you’ll love this next point…eyelash extensions inevitably mean you can get away with very little other makeup (hot tip – lash extensions and spray tan go together like wine and cheese). It’s a brilliant combo, especially pre-holiday when you’re looking to achieve that perfect ‘no makeup’ look.

5 – Applying false lashes can take foreverrrrr and often involves some form of eyelash glue drama. ‘Why bother?’ we ask, when you can get semi-permanent eyelash extensions applied by a pro and enjoy the results for weeks to come.

6 – Sure it’s probably one of the more vain reasons, but the compliments you get after having eyelash extensions applied are too good to pass up! Be prepared for a slew of “What HAVE you done?” “OMG you look amazing!” “Look at your lashes!!” type comments.


Emma also has some very valuable advice when it come to lash do’s and don’t’s – there’s a reason why she’s the go-to for eyelash extensions in Melbourne so ladies, take note!

DO remember you have lots of choice when it comes to your lash look. “From natural, to va-va-voom, there’s a variety of looks we can achieve with eyelash extensions. Make sure you let your therapist know at the start and we can take it from there.”

DO have your eyebrows done in order to complete the picture. “Miss Eyelash is also home to Golden Ratio Brows, an expert eyebrow shaping service exclusive to us. Well-shaped brows are the perfect accompaniment to eyelash extensions.”

DO lie back and relax. “Contrary to what people may think, eyelash extension application is a pain free, relaxing experience…in fact, we’ve had some clients fall asleep on us! You won’t even feel the extensions being applied, such is the level of care demonstrated by our therapists.”

DON’T use anything oil-based on your extensions. “This will act as a solvent to the glue and radically reduce the longevity of your extensions.”

DON’T choose your technician based on price alone. “This is like comparing apples to oranges. The amount of lashes applied, the time of application, and product quality and turnover are a few factors that will determine how much you will pay for eyelash extensions.”

DON’T forget to flirt outrageously after getting your lashes done. “Put your new extensions to work and bat those lashes of yours. Don’t be surprised if you turn a few heads!”


Urban Listers, as if the promise of luscious lashes wasn’t temptation enough, the Miss Eyelash team is also giving you access to an exclusive offer!

Be one of the first 50 clients to book in for a classic full set of extensions at Miss Eyelash (make sure you mention The Urban List!) and you’ll receive a ‘Warm Winter Urban Pack’ – includes a complimentary eyelash tint, complimentary eyebrow styling lesson, a take home gift AND a 20% off voucher to use on your next visit!

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