By Sarah Jane Young @sheissarahjane


Have you even really lived if you haven’t rocked the over-plucked brow thing? Don’t answer that, I already know the answer – NO. I wear my Bad Brow Badge proudly, and carried this right through from about 2003 – 2012. To this day I look back at my wedding photos from 2011 and shake my head with confusion. Alas, I came out the other side without any serious or lasting damage (I think…). Today on the blog I am sharing the brow love for a few ladies who I think are hands down, THE BEST IN THE BIZZ. 

MY REGULAR TREATMENTS: If you haven’t already noticed (unlikely), I LOVE a bold brow. I love it so much that I now tint my own brows at home on a weekly basis. I am naturally very fair, so there’s a bit of up-keep involved – but hey, that’s the price you pay when you don’t wake-up with brows like Rachael Taylor or Amber Heard. I also get a regular wax/shape, eyelash extensions and an eyelash tint. Phoar, it’s amazing I have any time to do anything else! However, these are all beauty non-negotiables for me, so let’s just get on with it! Below I’ve shared my three faves and who I believe to be THE BEST IN THE BROW & EYE BEAUTY BIZZ >

T H E  B R O W  &  E Y E  Q U E E N S  >

MISS EYELASH: I have been seeing Emma Vosti (owner & director) from Miss Eyelash for almost four years now and I am HOOKED. I see Em every three weeks for a re-fill and let me tell you, when I walk out of there with a new set of lashes I am truly LOVING LIFE, and myself! For all the up-keep that I require to look the way I want to, I am actually a lazy old so-and-so on the inside and it can be draining at times, but oh well! I’m not going to sugar coat this and it may sound a little harsh (but I know you are all thinking it!), there are some BAAAAAD eyelash extensions out there roaming the streets – in Melbourne, anyway. Each to their own of course, but there’s nothing worse than dead looking spiders hanging off your eyelids – #JUSTSAYIN. Em and her team specialise in NATURAL looking extensions and hybrid combinations that work for YOUR eyes and YOUR face. I would also like to add I pay for ALL my treatments and this is not a paid ad, I just love sending some love in the directions of those who deserveit. Miss Eyelash also offer brown maintenance services, including tinting { Miss Eyelash operates out of Albert Park, Elwood & Mt Eliza – for all contact details CLICK HERE } 

AMY JEAN EYE COUTURE: I met Amy Jean (Amy Jean Eye Couture) about four years ago and there’s no other way to put it, we fell in love! Brow love, friend love, sister love. It’s no biggie or anything, but Vogue magazine refer to AJ as the “Arch Angel”, so anything I say from here really fails in comparison. AJ took my brows to a new level and together we created (what I think!) are the perfectly shaped brows for MY face. When AJ is in Melbourne at her East Melbourne studio we always catch-up for dinner, a great goss and some brow love. Earlier this year I had the Feather Touch – Brow Tattoo procedure. It truly made such a difference in the depth of colour, the shape and actually decreased the amount of time that I spent each morning colouring in my brows. I still need to regularly tint my brows as they grow, but this is a MUST if you love a defined brow and it’s 100% worth every cent. AJ also offers lash lifts, extensions and brow/eye maintenance.

SKIN ANGEL: I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Angelina (owner & director) from Skin Angel is a real-life ANGEL. She is the sweetest, craziest, happiest force of nature I have ever met. She’s also ridiculously talented and her knowledge of skin and beauty health is unrivalled. I have been seeing Ange for well over eight years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I see Ange for the occasional brow tint, she also shapes my brows, tints my lashes and looks after all my skin treatments. If you are Melbourne based, just go in and say hi – I promise you, you will NEVER LEAVE.

SJ x