Ladies, I’m about to become your best friend. Or, Miss Eyelash is at any rate. I have forever lamented my pathetic inability to grow lashes (whilst simultaneously having no trouble growing leg hair, go figure) but have been very reluctant to dabble in the fine art of eyelash extensions because of all those twenty-something reality TV stars that look like they’re using tarantulas as eyepatches. But I’m here to tell you, lashes are the new boobs; not since I was a flat chested teenager have I been so obsessed with having a bigger, better pair. Miss Eyelash is what I like to elegantly call, the shiz. Specialising in natural looking lashes, you don’t walk out looking like a spidery lashed Bachelor contestant with eyeball verandas; instead you’re a subtly enhanced, school pick-up approved, fuller lashed version of yourself with a little bit of je ne sais quois. Exactly the look I was after.