Move over Microblading, & say hello to the latest brow treatment that has taken over instagram: Brow Lamination.

The secret to achieve a perfect full natural brow is now out of the bag! Professional makeup artists have been rolling out the brushed up brow for a while now, as a full natural brow can not only frame the face but also gives a more youthful appearance.

Don’t be confused with the multitude of brow terms that you will come across, while this brow movement takes over, they all refer to the same treatment: Brow Lamination. 

Otherwise known as: 

✔️ Keratin Brows 

✔️ Brow Lift 

✔️ Brow Fusion 

✔️ Keratin Brow Infusion 

✔️ Brushed Up Brow


Here are a few things you need to know about Brow Lamination.


1. What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a non invasive method of achieving a full natural brow that lasts up to 6-8 weeks, by repositioning the natural brow hairs, to fill in gaps, increase the thickness of a brow or heighten the arch.

2. How does Brow Lamination compare to Microblading or Brow Tattooing?

Unlike Microblading, where the skin on your brow is cut, & pigment is deposited to mimic the appearance of a brow hair, Brow Lamination uses the natural hair that already exists on your brow.

Where the cost of Microblading ranges from $450 & upwards to $1500, Brow Lamination is nearly an eighth of the cost.

There is no healing time needed with Brow Lamination. The healing time for Microblading begins after 7-14 days with total healing upwards to 2 months!

The procedure time of Microblabing Vs Brow Lamination is also at opposite ends of the spectrum, with Microblading spanning close to 6-7hrs over 2 separate appointments within a 6 week period. By comparison, Brow Lamination is a relaxed 60 minute treatment.


3. Who can have Brow Lamination?  

Anyone who has brow hair! Either a little or alot, the benefits of a full natural brow can still be achieved with Brow Lamination.

If you have gaps in your brow, this treatment is great to reposition your brow hair to fill in the gaps.

If you have thin, over plucked brows, this treatment will redirect your brow hair to thicken the appearance of your brow.

If you have unruly brows with hairs heading in all different directions, this treatment will tame the hairs into a more uniform direction.

Unfortunately, for those who have lost their brow hair through medical treatments such as chemotherapy, Brow Lamination is not a viable treatment option.


4. How long does Brow Lamination last?

Brow Lamination can last up to 6-8 weeks. Regular brow tinting or henna can still be applied within this time.


5. What is the process of Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a 3 part process: Lift, Fix, Nourish.

The first step of applying a fixing serum, is designed to breaks down the bonds in the hair allowing us to redirect the hair into a new position (to either cover gaps, raise the arch or increase thickness of the brow).

The second step neutralises or gently fixes the bonds in the hair in order for it to take on the new shape.

The third step nourishes the hair to restore moisture, increasing the volume of the hair.


A tint & a light tidy with tweezers is also included in the treatment.

A professional brow shape can also be incorporated into this treatment by booking a Brow Maintenance, which includes additional tweezing to shape & wax to tidy the brow.


6. How does Brow Lamination give you thicker brows?

A thicker brow can be achieved by simply redirecting or repositioning the brow hair & setting it in place.


7. What qualifications are required by artists offering Brow Lamination?

As the beauty industry as a whole in Australia is terribly unregulated, the training for Brow Lamination that currently exists for artists in Australia, is generally in the form of a Certificate of Attendance issued by independent beauty distributors or independent artists sharing their knowledge.  Online webinars & a plethora of YouTube tutorials also saturate the online learning space.


8. How does the training at Miss Eyelash differ to what is offered in the current Australian beauty landscape?

Miss Eyelash has long been about naturally enhancing your best asset: your eye’s.

Over a period of a decade, we have not only been exposed to the latest global trends, but we have had the great pleasure of applying these to practice with consistent results across multiple venues, through the hands of our talented artists.

Building ongoing relationships with our global industry partners, also ensure the protocols we set for treatments are met at the highest level.

We are also not strangers to the eyebrow world here at Miss Eyelash, having been urban listed in 2015 as one of the top 3 destinations to have your brows professionally shaped in Melbourne, in addition to rave reviews by long standing clients who know brows such as Sarah-Jane Young @sheis_sarahjane

To feature Brow Lamination within our carefully curated offerings of lash & brow treatments, almost seemed like a rite of passage!

9. How much does Brow Lamination cost?


Brow Lamination: includes lamination treatment, tinting & brow tidy (tweezing stray hairs only) $140 |60 mins

Special Offer: $120 (valid 30th November 2019)

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10. Do you have any special offers or Brow Lamination packages?

As we officially launch on Friday 1st November, we are offering the following combination packages for the whole month of November 2019:

Combination Brow Lamination & Brow Shape: includes lamination treatment, tinting, shaping (tweezing & waxing) $170| 90 mins

Special Offer: $150 (valid 30th November 2019)

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Combination Brow Lamination & Lash Lift: Includes lamination treatment & lash lift treatment (with lash & brow tint) $290 | 105 mins

Special Offer: $240 (valid 30th November 2019)

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And as with any industry, there will always be providers with questionable training, giving the industry a bad reputation. Share this article on your lash & brow pages, or have a copy in your beauty lounge for when you get grilled with questions!

Love & long lashes (& full brows!),

Emma Vosti